September 22, 2019

About Us






I’m Jordanna Campbell and  Fine Not Fine is my response to the terrible experience that our family had when Sasha became unwell.  It took us, her school and our local services too long to identify that she needed help and then to offer the right support. 

When Sash lay howling on the floor after being transferred to a psychiatric unit 200 miles away from home I promised her that together we would help create positive change.  Before my eyes I felt her re-materialise.  It was on this painful day the essence of Fine Not Fine was born.

Sasha’s illness has changed our worlds forever.  There was a time where we didn’t know if she would ever get well.  We are lucky.  She is here and she is a major driving force behind Fine Not Fine. 

It is clear to me that we have been so well supported by our friends, family and the greater community because we are far from alone in what we have experienced.  We have met so many people along the road who need our help. 


I’m Liz Cooke. Jordanna and I originally met through our daughters.  Millie has danced and laughed with Sasha for many years, Jordanna and I have done mainly the laughing and not enough dancing! 

It is a privilege to be involved in the set up of the Fine Not Fine CIC.  My perspective is that of an artist.  I am looking for ways we can educate children and adults about Mental Health through creative channels.  I am hoping that a greater awareness of mental health will spark a more caring, open discussion enabling us to talk about our mental health like we would a broken leg or a bout of ‘flu.