August 17, 2019


Educational Workshops

We deliver age appropriate educational workshops for children and young people that develop their understanding of their own mental health and empower them to make choices that support their own wellness. 

These are delivered by young people with direct experience of mental illness and supported by a professional trainer. 


Sensory Box Workshops

We have created and are ready to deliver our 5 week sensory box workshops.  These courses are run by a professional artist and a young person with personal experience of mental illness who has used and benefited from the techniques that we teach.

Our participants will learn how sensory boxes can be used as part of a toolkit to manage negative feelings.  Each week we explore one of the 5 senses and experiment with a range of different materials, textures, tastes, smells and sound.  By the end of the weeks each participant will have created their own very personalised box with a range of items that help soothe, distract and manage difficult emotions.